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Post a Job Find Jobs Job Categories About
Post a Job Find Jobs Job Categories About
Post a Job Find Jobs Job Categories About
Easily connect with and compare candidates to perform any service.
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Anonymously post a description of the service you need
Receive customized responses from a range of interested candidates
Compare prices, ratings and reviews, past work, and more across candidates
Choose the perfect candidate to perform the service! Or not, no obligations!
Put the ball in your court...rather than waiting for customers to reach out to you, find out exactly who is looking for the services you offer and reach out to them!
Full don't pay for leads that might not materialize, or for "exposure". You can't lose, because you don't pay a dime unless you actually land a job through us!
Get full access to all jobs posted on WorkWingman! We don't act as gatekeepers, we think that you should get a shot at getting in front of anyone who might benefit from your service!
Sit back and receive automatic notifications whenever jobs in your specialty are posted in your geography!
Save time by saving your typical responses to jobs, and using them to auto-fill new responses. Then just modify what you need to to customize your response to the job at hand!
Post targeted ads for free! If customers reach out directly to you without posting their job on WorkWingman, we don't take a cut!
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